Cool things about working for YHA

We believe in providing our staff with a work environment that is happy & harmonious. One that helps them become their best professionally so that they can achieve their professional goals. Here are just a few of the things that we do:

Learning and Development

We believe that for YHA New Zealand to grow as an organisation, you need the opportunity to grow personally.  We support a learning culture by providing a variety of learning and development opportunities. 

We achieve this through the development of Personal Development Plans focusing on employee growth and contribution and our YHA Learning Framework that helps you develop the skills essential to being successful in your role at YHA New Zealand.

YHA is an organisation where people and values count

Our values are Integrity, Respect, Passion and Excellence. We work with our staff to achieve this at all times. When you work with the YHA values, you gain a great sense of satisfaction working as a team towards common goals with the same values.

Free YHA membership for YHA staff

As a member of the YHA team, you are entitled to free YHA membership. This gives you access to all the great special offers and promotions available to members at no cost!

Staff are passionate about what we do!

You will get to work with a fun and supportive team. That is because we love what we do creating a great work atmosphere!

More than just a job; nationwide career opportunities.

Being a national organisation, we have opportunities to grow and move across our entire New Zealand network.

Sustainable development triple bottom line reporting

YHA NZ is committed to a sustainable world because the harsh reality is that every aspect of our hostel operation has an impact on the environment. Our intention is to operate an environmentally responsible tourism business which contributes to the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of New Zealand. That means we use triple bottom line (TBL) reporting, which considers YHA's social, environmental and economic performance. By working for YHA you are helping YHA achieve its vision of creating a greener future for NZ.

Staff Volunteer Day

The Staff Volunteer Day is another way of showing YHA's commitment to operating in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner. This is an opportunity for YHA staff to volunteer a day (on full pay) working for an aligned organisation in support of a sustainable environment.